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We guarantee the privacy and cybersecurity of your data. We can help you anonymize your data before uploading.


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Upload your data to our AWS Cloud and use your account that gives you full access to your data and analytics results.
The data you upload to be analysed is stored in a personal secure storage bucket on Amazon S3 in the Frankfurt Region. Using your Login you have full access, transparency and control over your data and the results of the analytics on your data.


Access and share

Access your data analytics online and share or export your analytical insight with coworkers and clients..
Click the icon to see examples of the results from different kinds of data analytics use-cases that we created to help you succeed. Our customer use-case stories cover a wide range of work in different business functions, industries and countries.

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Everyone that makes business decisions needs analytics.
But there is a problem ...

Everyone has data but not the resources, time or capabilities to create analytics

Important decisions often need to be made with not enough time to complete analytics

Many data science teams are overloaded and analytics talent is hard to recruit

Not every company or function has inhouse data science capabilities

Advanced analytics requires complex and expensive software

Most people have no access to advanced analytics technology

A lot of data knowledge stays locked in files on personal computers

Most data insight does not reach the people that need it for their daily work

Analytics-on-demand is an easy-to-use platform as a service.
Now you can benefit from data analytics for any ad-hoc, project or process requirement, without the need for large upfront technology investments and hard to recruit and expensive to hire data scientists. 

From startups to the world’s largest companies

A diverse group of companies from many countries have benefited from using Analytics on-demand.  


Try how easy it is to analyse your data and build your own dashboard

Now anyone can solve any data-science challenge using Analytics-on-Demand. Even if you do not yet know if your data reveals significant signals and patterns, you can now find out quickly.

There is hardly any analytics scenario that Analytics-on-Demand cannot solve. Maybe you need to analyse and visualise Excel data but lack the time and professional tools to do so. Many business users have data in multiple systems and files that they need to combine for integrated analysis and show the result on a dashboard. Analytics, product and project managers may need extra capacity and capability for a short time or specific assignments like data and dashboard maintenance and technology updates.
You can create an analytics solution for a single project with analytics on demand. You can also subscribe to use an automated pipeline to your data, to deliver an analytical dashboard with real-time data for your business or customers.