We constantly ask: Is there a better way?

Is there a better way for organizations to use their data to create value, business knowledge and improve performance? We believe that there is a better way. Analytics on-demand delivers a unique combination of analytics and business knowledge as an end-to-end cloud service with a completely new financial model. Our customer can use a cloud-native ecosystem that integrates data, analytics, metadata management and governance. Our customers can access their insight and knowledge in the cloud and share it with their employees, partners and customers. 

We like to think of our products as The IKEA concept for analytics:

  • Very well designed analytics products
  • Easy to use analytics products and highly automated production
  • At prices so low that as many companies as possible can afford them

Committed to our customer's success

With everything that we do, we start with an understanding of what the customer needs to succeed. With our understanding of customer success, we work backwards to what outcomes our products need to achieve to help our customers succeed. We work hard to achieve quality and innovation at affordable prices for our customers through investing in the intelligent highly automated production of analytics. Through building essential domain expertise in knowledge sharing business relationships. Through building ready-made solutions in high volumes. Our vision goes beyond analytics. We want to create better business outcomes for all companies impacted by our products.

What we believe would help our customers succeed

Our Insights Engine maps customers' data on existing data taxonomies and ontologies offering a better understanding of the data and its relationships. The Insight Engine also identities opportunities to enhance and augment the data with publicly available Open Data and commercial data. 

Companies, from startups to global enterprises benefit from rapid access to data analytics outcomes which is only possible by building them with ready-made analytics products and components. Most companies struggle with siloed data and analytics that hampers scalability and sustainability. That is why we innovated our analytics on-demand platform with knowledge graph technology. Every ready-made analytics product is accompanied by a domain-specific ontology that holds business knowledge. 

Our background

We started working with data analytics a decade ago before terms like analytics, big data and agile became ubiquitous. We created a diverse range of analytics solutions to help companies improve strategic decision making and business performance. We learned that data and analytical insight do not automatically lead to better decisions or high-performance. With Knowledge Graph technology, we found the missing link to help our clients make better use of their data more efficiently. The connected combination of analytics and business knowledge solves the problem of the lack of scalability and sustainability and offers faster results at a lower cost. 

Guiding principles

1. To be great, we must have great people with a great culture and great systems.

2. Great people have great capabilities, great ambition and great character and most of all a great passion for our customers.

3. You have nothing to fear from knowing the facts.

4. Share the knowledge that is most valuable to you.

5. It's ok to make mistakes, it's unacceptable not to learn from them.

6. To value evidence over opinion.

7. Constantly test, evaluate, develop people and systems.

8. Perceive problems, don't tolerate them.

9. Use systems, tools and protocols to shape how things get done.

10. Seek independent checks and balances.